Why MPA?

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Excellence in Sub-Specialized Pathology

  • Board-certified pathologists who are highly trained and specialized in the areas in which they render a diagnosis
  • Regularly collaborate with other experts to ensure the ultimate in diagnostic excellence
  • Provide clear and concise reports to clinicians, enabling them to make the right clinical recommendations
  • Personalized service and availability to discuss cases anytime
  • Prioritize patient care and safety by adhering to the highest standards of quality assurance

Focus on Client and Patient Service

  • Generally provide results within 1-2 days of specimen receipt

  • Several customized options for report delivery including faxing, automatic transfer into EMR systems and online portal access
  • Office and lab staff are always on hand to answer questions and assist clinicians and patients
  • Extensive in-network insurance coverage with all of the large insurance companies and many smaller insurers
  • Billing department with extensive experience dealing with the complexities of insurance billing and working with patients to understand bills and make payments

Our Values


We process specimens and return results in a quick time frame to give clinicians the information they need to treat their patients appropriately.


We uphold the highest standards in quality for our clinicians and their patients.


We foster a personalized relationship with each client to ensure the highest level of service.